Plastic Surgery For Your Car

When you hear the phrase, “plastic surgery,” perhaps you think of something being refreshed, lifted, or made to look young and new again.  Well, Interior Magic does that for your car! Interior Magic is the leader in the automotive appearance reconditioning. We offer many services such as leather and vinyl repair, carpet and fabric repair, stain and odor removal, headlight restoration, graphic replacement and more. Here is an example of graphic replacement – replacing those worn out car buttons and cleaning stained and damaged carpets.  Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!” Contact us for a Free Estimate. We work on all makes and models.

Interior Car Repairs of Burns, Tears, and Pokes!

We are hard on our car’s interiors! From your dog’s claws to your ball point pen; tears, pokes, and burns happen in your car seats. Interior Magic of Raleigh works on all makes and models and all interior surfaces of leather, velour, vinyl upholstery. Contact us for a Free Estimate and let us save you time and money with our interior repair services. 


Interior Magic of Raleigh has trained professionals to help you save time and money in dealing with your car’s interior repairs and restoration. We are the leaders in automobile appearance reconditioning.

Interior Repair Magic

What is car interior repair magic? Interior Magic offers many interior restoration services with car leather repair being just one of them.  This is an example of a Lexus seat with interior damage repaired by our trained technicians.  It isn’t magic, but a unique technique to get ride of the lines, fading, aging, and damage to car seats. We let our work speak for itself!

We work on all makes and models and also on leather, vinyl and velour upholstery.

Contact us for a free estimate as we want to be your one stop shop for interior car repairs in the Raleigh market.

interior magic car repair

Your Car Needs A Fall Fashion Update

Each season, people change their wardrobe to be appropriate. When is the last time your car had a fashion update? You can brighten those headlights with our headlight restoration service to see clearer at night; 1836628_10152348374113109_1148184960_o-300x300now that the time has changed. You can remove those scratches on your Alloy Wheels with our alloy wheel repair.   Perhaps the interior of your car is looking worn, like an old favorite sweater of yours.  We can patch those holes and tears and restore the look and feel of your leather, upholstery or cloth with our interior services.  Interior Magic, it’s like plastic surgery for your car. This fall season, contact us for a Free Estimate and let’s get your car updated.


Rips Fixed without Ripping You Off!

If you car leather or upholstery is ripped or torn, the experts at Interior Magic Raleigh can fix you right up for an affordable price. Our trained technicians have the ability to charge less than a traditional body shop because this is our speciality! Give us a call today or fill out this Free Estimate form and let us fix your car rips and tears. Here is an example of a Mercedes Benz car seat, but we work on all makes and models.

Facebook-Mercedes Seat Bottom (Sam)1-1

We service the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Interior Magic, the leader in automotive appearance reconditioning. “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

We offer many other car services too such as stain and odor removal, headlight restoration, alloy wheel repair, graphic button replacement and more.

Scare those car stains away!

A scary look is good for Halloween, but not when it’s your car! Don’t scare your passengers with stains and smells in your car. Contact Interior Magic, the experts at interior restoration for cars.  Their trained technicians can remove your stubborn stains and smells.  They can also repair your ripped leather or upholstery. We can give you a FREE estimate for work in the Raleigh area. Interior Magic Leather & Vinyl Brush before & afterInterior Magic dirty seat before & after copy.

Going for the GOLD in car interior repairs

We wish Team USA the best as they go for the GOLD at the Olympics. We strive to go for gold level service and repairs for your automobile reconditioning needs.  We have tons before and after examples. Here’s a list of services we offer:9f1f0c4f-2109-4e7c-b165-40544d7d8688

Contact us today for a Free Estimate.

Leather Repair

If you find yourself part of the viral Pokemon craze, that may be a good POKE, this hole in your seat isn’t.

Let the experts of Interior Magic Raleigh take care of your pokes, holes and tears in your leather, vinyl, & velour repair, yeah we do that! Here’s a list of all our services.

This is what happens when you carry stuff you shouldn’t be carrying in your car. Don’t stress out, we can fix it with our expert technicians.

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Paintless Dent Repair

You don’t have to be a Wizard to make dents disappear, sometimes it just takes a little Magic. Let Interior Magic save you time and money with our Paintless Dent Removal process.  Our expert technicians can remove the dents without repainting your car saving you time and money!  Not only do we take care of your interior needs, but we can remove dents too so that your car looks and feels new again. Contact us today for a Free Estimate. We work on all makes and models. paintless dent repair interior magic
Interior Magic…yeah we do that!

Graduation Gift Restored To New

If you are looking for a used car to celebrate your child’s graduation success, let the experts at Interior Magic make it look and feel like new with our interior and exterior restoration services.  Graduation-cap-and-diploma-1

Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

You make sure the tires and transmission are in proper working order, and we will take care of “wow” factor! Here’s some examples of our quality work by Interior Magic certified technicians all over the Raleigh area.


We are an affordable and effective option to help make your generous graduate’s gift reach its full potential. Contact us for a Free Estimate.